Flexible dome construction purpose built for optimal worker health, comfort and productivity. The Ultimat Anti-Fatigue Rubber mat.

custom sizing CUSTOM
comfort rating 3 YEAR LIMITED

Comfortcomfort rating
Gripcomfort rating
Wearcomfort rating
  • Domed surface designed to create a comfortable working environment by reducing strain.
  • Air cushioned design relieves stress and increases circulation.
  • Designed to reduce worker downtime and increase productivity.
  • Heavy duty construction in quality rubber that will NOT harden over time.
  • Custom made to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort within any individual work area.

Product Codes and Sizes:

  • 4200-0917 – 600mm x 900mm (Black/Yellow Border)
  • 4200-1917 – 600mm x 900mm (Black Border)
  • 4200-2917 – 900mm x 1200mm (Black/Yellow Border)
  • 4200-3917 – 900mm x 2300mm (Black/Yellow Border)
  • 4200-4917 – 900mm x 3400mm (Black/Yellow Border)
  • 4200-5917 – 900mm x 4500mm (Black/Yellow Border)
  • 4200-6917 – 1200mm x 1700mm (Black/Yellow Border)
  • 4200-7917 – 1200mm x 2500mm (Black/Yellow Border)
  • 4200-8917 – 1200mm x 3300mm (Black/Yellow Border)

600 x 900mm
900 x 1200mm
900 x 2300mm
900 x 3400mm
900 x 4500mm
1200 x 1700mm
1200 x 2500mm
1200 x 3300mm
Custom sizes available – contact us on 0845 658 8340


Black with black bevelled edge (600 x 900mm only).
Black with yellow bevelled edge.


Bevelled edges to prevent tripping.
Comes as a easy to carry 8kg unit.


Dry Welding, Timber Industry, Printing, Packaging, Counter Sales, Workshops and Assembly Lines.